Agri-fab Dump Carts

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Agri-Fab dump carts have rugged, two-piece construction that lets them haul up to 1,000 pounds of firewood, gravel, or yard material. All have a one-lever dump device that lets you empty the cart easily in exactly the right spot. These sturdy workhorses are up to any outdoor job, which means they can withstand heavy loads, weather, and rough terrain.

These Agri-Fab dump carts are the perfect yard companion for gardeners who do their own trimming, repairs of walls and retainers, and cement work. Heavy loads of material are pulled easily because of the pneumatic rib or turf tread tires that allow the carts to travel handily over grass or other substances. The heavy-duty cart has tires that are 15 x 6-inch; the cart that carries 500 pounds has tires of 14 x 4 inches; the 650-pound load cart also has this tire size.

Agri-Fab Dump Carts Get the Job Done

This durable lawn and garden equipment is designed to stand up to any job within its load limit. These Agri-Fab dump carts have reinforced tailgate guides to create even stronger areas where it is most needed. Even the hardware is carefully made of yellow di-chromate so it resists the rust that can eat up other yard instruments.

The heavy-duty cart has bed dimensions of 19 gallons, at 32.5 inches/49 inches/12 inches for width/length/height. The cart with a load of 650 pounds has a bed of 20 gallons, at 32.5 inches/42.5 inches/12 inches. The 500-load cart has dimensions of 20 gallons, at 32.5 inches/42.5 inches/12 inches. These dump carts are top-quality yard and work equipment meant to take care of the hauling needs of people who enjoy taking care of the jobs in their yards.

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