Animal Repellents

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Animal repellents often contain dangerous chemicals to get rid of chewing, gnawing animals that live on plants and the foliage of shrubs and trees. All-natural products, however, use other methods to repel animals, not kill them. In fact, these products are compatible with the environment, and will not harm pets, fish, birds, and insects.

Pesky, small animals--voles, rabbits, squirrels--find the smell and taste of these products absolutely repugnant. There are no petroleum products in them; animal repellents are made from natural and recycled ingredients. In addition, these products perform an invaluable function for plants by helping them retain moisture during harsh, winter months so they survive the cold better.

Animal Repellents for Deer

Deer are one of the most difficult animals to discourage from eating foliage and plants. Frustrated homeowners try everything from netting to chemicals in their lawn and garden care. There are two different kinds of animal repellents that are harmless to animals and the environment, but are offensive to deer. Some are so handy, they are manufactured as garden sprayers that fit on the end of a hose.

One is a systemic solution that contains no chemicals; in fact, it is categorized as a food product by the Environmental Protection Agency, and so does not have to be registered as chemicals do. The other is a spray that leaves a residue on leaves that deer dislike. Both are non-burning, and the spray will not wash off in the rain. The spray contains ordinary materials and recycled ingredients.

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