Backpack Sprayer

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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A backpack sprayer makes the job of the homeowner-gardener all that much easier because this portable, easy-to use piece of equipment allows for the safe, easy application of liquids. Without having to hook up pump sprayers or handgun sprayers to pulling equipment, you can simply strap these lightweight containers on your back and proceed to apply the insecticide or fertilizer. Padded shoulder straps make the load comfortable, and an ergonomically-shaped tank conforms to your back.

With features that make for ease of use, this backpack sprayer is a handy piece of lawn and garden equipment for those who have problems with spiders, ants, and insects, or who have large yard areas that need fertilizing. These garden sprayers have wide openings to help prevent spills. Built to endure rough field work, these sprayers have a metal base and a convenient carrying handle.

Backpack Sprayer for Home and Field

The internal workings of these devices consist of a brass piston pump and a built-in agitator that take care of emitting the liquid application. They have a user-friendly pumping lever, a sturdy trigger valve, and a brass sprayer lance. Every part of this backpack sprayer is designed for long-lasting use, easy operation, and durability.

A high-pressure hose has a length of over four feet, with three kinds of nozzles for different applications. Tank sizes for various models range from three gallons to five-and-a-half gallons so a homeowner, for instance, could find the right model that is appropriate for the property. By applying your own insecticide or fertilizer, you save a lot of money by doing without the professional services of pest control companies.

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