Best Lawn Mowers

Written by Jared Vincenti
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When looking to buy a lawn mower, there are several factors that you should consider. Not all mowers are equal, and the efficiency and durability of your mower are major things to consider when buying. These will influence how much work your mower actually saves you, and its worth in the long run.

Home Mower or Commercial Mower?

The first decision to make is the size of the mower you will need. If you are a landscaping company, or if you have a very large lawn to mow, you may want to invest in a commercial mower. These are built to mow faster and more regularly, and tend to be very high performance machines.

If you have a home lawn to maintain, a home mower is probably more practical. This mower will make your landscape maintenance worlds easier, and is small enough to store at home. Home mowers are not made up to the same durability standards as commercial mowers, but they rarely need to be, since they see use about once a week, on average.

Some people do buy commercial mowers for their homes, though. If you have a substantial lawn, or if you have some elaborate landscaping, a commercial mower may make your life easier. Commercial mowers tend to be more maneuverable than home mowers, greatly thanks to "zero turn" technology. Beyond that, many people just enjoy how fun and powerful commercial mowers can be.

What Does "Zero Turn" Mean?

Zero turn lawn mowers represent the height of lawn mower technology. The term "zero turn" is short for zero turn radius, meaning that the machine is able to rotate on a dime. By being able to change direction without moving from its place, a zero turn mower makes perfectly mowed lawns possible.

Not only does a zero turn mower let you follow the curves of your landscaping precisely, it also helps get into areas that a traditional mower can't reach. This is usually most important in professional landscapes, such as golf courses, so most zero turn mowers are commercial models. However, there are zero turn commercial mowers small enough for home use, for the landscaping perfectionist.

Gas or Diesel?

The last major decision before looking at brands and prices is the engine of your mower. Most of the time, a mower's engine comes stock with the model. However, by looking around, you will find that you do have some choice in engine style, just based on the manufacturer.

Diesel engines tend to be more fuel efficient, and fuel technology is aiming toward cleaner diesels in the next few years. However, many gas engine makers are decreasing emissions and improving efficiency to compete with the growing diesel market. In the end, engine style will have little effect on your purchase, and is essentially a matter of personal choice.

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