Cedar Chairs

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Cedar chairs bring the warmth of Western red cedar wood to a backyard setting. Made in various styles, this backyard cedar furniture provides quite a variety of seating arrangements that are both portable and beautiful. The classic Adirondack chair has the clear-and-knotty combination wood that creates a homey look and complements any outdoor landscaping.

Another stylish piece of cedar lawn furniture is the chaise lounge, which lets guests stretch out comfortably on a warm day. The club chair has a blocky, sturdy construction with a seat height of almost 17 inches. A stunning love seat offers yet another style of seating; this beauty is nearly 53 inches long, so it can seat two people comfortably.

Versatile Cedar Chairs

Cedar chairs come in so many configurations that you could have seating for many guests without repeating a single style! For sheer soothing comfort, nothing beats that old favorite, the rocking chair. An interesting tete-a-tete lets two people come together for conversation or watching backyard activities.

All Western red cedar furniture is insect and rot resistant, sanded and ready to finish. If left without varnish or paint, the wood will turn a lovely silver/grey with time outdoors in the elements. This is a particularly lightweight wood, so this adds to the portability of the cedar chairs, which can be handily rearranged for the convenience of guests. Because it is so mobile, this furniture can accommodate any backyard activity, so all can observe a lively game of croquet or watch the grandchildren play tag.

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