Cedar Lawn Furniture

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Cedar lawn furniture is made from one of the most beautiful woods--Western red cedar. When clear wood is combined with knotty pieces, a rustic, country look is achieved that adds to the warmth of wood furniture. These cedar chairs, benches, arbors and tables create an exquisite natural tableau in the backyard. Presenting a strong contrast to the deep greens of shrubs, and bright colors of flower gardens, cedar lawn furniture adds another natural element to the landscape.

This red cedar is also practical; it is lightweight, so the furniture can easily be moved to accommodate any number of guests or activities. Red cedar also resists pests and rot, so it is durable and serviceable for outdoor use for years. Sanded and ready for your favorite finish, backyard cedar furniture can also be left au naturel. Many love the natural beauty of wood so much that they leave it unfinished, in which case, this red cedar will slowly turn to a muted silver/grey.

Cedar Lawn Furniture Adds Warmth

This particular Western red cedar is largely harvested from managed forests, which means old growth trees have not been destroyed in a wide swath of cutting. In managed forests, tree cutting is controlled, with care given to encourage new tree growth. Re-forestation is also a goal of managed forests, which are intended to provide wood for furniture and structures without decimating a forested area.

A practical reason for combining clear and knotty red cedar is economic--clear cedar is relatively expensive, and the addition of knotty pieces keeps the price down. Fortunately, it also adds to the allure of the wood furniture. Cedar lawn furniture provides a lot of pluses for outdoor furniture shoppers: beauty, portability, durability.

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