Centipede Grass

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Centipede grass is one of the most popular and attractive grasses for gardeners and landscapers to plant. It is one of the easiest grasses to care of due to the fact that it is easy to mow and does not require much maintenance at all, save for regular watering. Because it does not need to be mowed as often as other grasses, it is a great option for busy people who need low maintenance grass in their gardens and yards.

Centipede Grass Does Well Under Many Conditions

Centipede grass is native to China. It does not do its best in every area of the United States but rather flourishes well in the south and southeast. It will stay green year-round in these locations.

It is also well known for being drought-resistant and can go on very little water. On the downside, it is not as lush and green as other grasses and it is not as durable as some other grasses. It turns brown when it freezes, but will recover easily and return to its beautiful green color when the weather improves.

There are online lawn and garden shops that sell a good selection of high quality centipede grass seed. You should purchase either pure raw seed or coated seed for the best results. In no time at all, your lawn will be one of the most beautiful in the neighborhood as well as one of the easiest to care for, leaving you with more time for important things like time with family and friends.

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