Childrens Wagons

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Childrens wagons are a traditional toy that no child should do without. Used by kids to haul a friend, toys, garden supplies when helping mom and dad--and, of course, their docile, loving dog--these sturdy childrens wagons are one of the greatest outdoor helpmates. Pulling, maneuvering, and loading and unloading things is wonderful exercise and wonderful fun.

Today's wagons come in various sizes and models to suit the child's size and to accommodate adult activities in the yard and garden. Made for fun and for serious hauling, these wagons can carry 200-400 pounds of dirt, equipment, or people! These rugged transporters are compact, yet ideal for work at the dock or in the yard, or any place where smooth-operating, heavy-duty carriers are needed.

Kinds of Childrens Wagons

Perfect for lawn and garden purposes, wagons are among the best garden utility carts because they are designed for stability and durability. All models have no-tip safety steering that lets you haul anyone or anything with confidence. Express models have pneumatic tires, ball-bearing wheels, and grease fittings. Flyers have hard rubber tires and steel wheels with ball bearings.

The heavy duty wagons can handle up to 400 pounds of material and have inflatable tires. Sport models have big tires and come in traditional red or John Deere green with yellow wheels. For those extra loads, several of these childrens wagons come with matching trailers that hook up to the wagon.

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