Classic Steel Pedal Cars

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Classic steel pedal cars are part of the childhood memories of many an adult. Before battery-operated toys, before two-stroke engines, these foot-operated machines were, along with childrens wagons, part of a child's imaginative world. Pedaling, pedaling, pedaling so fast, you thought you were really speeding down the highway!

Racing with friends, you went as fast you could to see who had the best classic steel pedal cars. When the racing was over, it was time for some delicious soft drink or fruit juice that was chilled until it was ice cold. Maybe it was the day for the ice man to come with his truck, and you could get ice chips and slivers to suck on when it was hot.

Children Love Classic Steel Pedal Cars

For decades, classic steel pedal cars were not made; pedals were made of plastic only. Today, though, real steel pedals are back, and they are made to last! Think of the pedal car planes you had as a kid, or the fire truck or police car or jalopy models.

Two-tone pedal cars are now made in '55 classic models in red/beige, yellow/white, pink/white, and aqua/white. The Comet designs come in pink or light blue. These cars are great because you can pass them down to your children and grandchildren. Strong and good-looking, these toys are meant to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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