Clover Seed

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Clover seed is a great way to grow beautiful clover in your garden or yard. Clover is a great, environmentally friendly addition to your lawn mixture. Kids and pets love to play on it and it is incredibly easy to maintain without having to resort to unhealthy chemicals.

Which Kind of Clover Seed Is Right for You?

What kind of clover seed should you buy? Different kinds of clover include crimson clover, yellow sweet clover, white dutch clover, medium red clover, subterranean clover, and many others. Choose one that works best in your climate. Also take into account your landscaping design and terrain as well as the other plants in the area to be seeded.

If you live in a variable climate, your best bet when choosing clover is to find one that is adaptable to many different weather conditions. It should be able to tolerate sun, shade, rain, heat, and ice. It should also do well under heavy trampling if it is going to be used in a high-traffic area.

There are online lawn and garden shops that sell a large variety of clover seed. Whether you are looking to add clover as a purely aesthetic touch to your yard or you want something on which the local wildlife can feed, there is a clover for you. Your family will love the natural beauty that clover adds to your yard.

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