Commercial Lawn Mowers

Written by Jared Vincenti
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If you've ever been up early enough to see the maintenance teams taking care of pro sports fields, you may have been amazed at the mowers they use. Barely recognizable as relatives of the tiny lawn tractors most people keep around the home, these commercial mowers are huge. Not only are they larger, they're faster, and seem to make quick work of the monumental task of maintaining these huge fields.

What Sets Commercial Lawn Mowers apart

The first thing that is obvious about commercial mowers is their size. A commercial mower will always stand taller than a home mower, but the width of the mowing body is what's more important. A commercial mower has a wider assembly of blades, so that one pass with the mower cuts a much larger path through the grass. This speeds the mowing process dramatically by reducing the number of passes it takes to cut a field.

To power these larger machines, commercial mowers must have larger engines than home mowers. These are usually just larger versions of the gasoline engines that power home engines, but some are even powered by diesel fuel. In any case, a much stronger engine is required to move the heavier body and to spin more blades.

Finally, many high-quality commercial mowers are engineered to be zero turn mowers. This means that they are able to turn to face any direction without moving forward or backwards. Thereby, a zero turn mower makes mowing even more efficient, as the mower is incredibly maneuverable and can quickly cut even the most irregular areas.

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