Commercial Mower Sale

Written by Jared Vincenti
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While you can get a home lawn mower at most yard and garden supply centers, you generally need to look beyond these venues to get get a commercial lawn mower. These larger mowers take up more space than home models, and do not sell quickly enough to merit commonplace sales. However, there are a number of places to look for commercial lawn mowers.

Where to Buy Commercial Lawn Mowers

If you live in a state that has a big agriculture business, there should be a farm equipment dealer somewhere nearby. These dealers stock large numbers of mowers, harvesters, and other farm essentials. They will probably have most models on hand for you to test drive, and have large service departments for any repairs you may need.

In more metropolitan areas, you may not be able to get a commercial mower year round. Many times, equipment dealers will rent out fairgrounds for a show once a year, and this is your best bet to get a commercial mower. The competition at these fairs is pretty rigorous, and prices tend to be fair. The only real disadvantage to buying a mower at a fair is that you don't have regular access to mechanics through your vendor.

Finally, you can always order a commercial mower on the Internet. This is your best option price-wise, but you don't get to see your machine before buying it. However, many web-based retailers of large equipment work in tandem with local dealers, meaning that you can shop around on the Web, but still see the actual product before purchasing.

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