Commercial Mowing Equipment

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Although we usually associate lawn mowers with home maintenance, the first mowers were invented for commercial use. While grass was cut by a scythe before the invention of the mower, this process was done by hand and usually resulted in a lawn of uneven height. It wasn't until sporting fields needed even grass that the mower was invented.

Sports like croquet needed to have even lawns to make the game run most smoothly. Because of this, a man named Edwin Beard Budding invented the first lawn mower. For a long time, mowers were usually only used by sporting fields and expansive gardens. Today, commercial mowers are much larger than their ancestors, but no less important.

Commercial Mowers Today

Commercial lawn mowers are used today for most of the same uses for which mowers were originally invented. Sporting fields that use real grass need to make sure that it is of uniform height, but also need to mow entire baseball fields or golf courses in a reasonable amount of time. Thus, modern commercial mowers are usually much larger and wider than home mowers, and can trim lawns in a fraction of the time.

Commercial mowers aren't just larger, though. Mowing tends to leave a grain on the field--that is, you can see which way the mower was going when it cut a specific path of grass. A well-manicured green will have these grains in opposing stripes, which makes the lawn look fresh-cut all the time. Commercial mowers are designed so that they can turn on a dime, making perfect grains without funny turn-marks at the ends.

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