Commercial Zero Turn Mowers

Written by Jared Vincenti
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With lawn mowers, the term "zero turn" doesn't mean that the mower can't change direction. Quite the contrary, "zero turn" is short for zero turn radius, which ranks the mower among the most maneuverable land vehicles made today. Quite simply, the mower is able to change direction without changing position, giving it an effective turn radius of zero degrees.

Uses of Zero Turn Mowers

Since zero turn mowers tend to be more expensive than other mowers, they are typically used for commercial purposes. As a result, most zero turn mowers are larger machines that are used on baseball diamonds, football fields, and golf courses. There are smaller zero turn mowers, but the vast majority are for commercial use.

The difference between commercial and home mowers is usually the size. Few homeowners have acres of lawn to manicure, and are able to maintain their lawn with just a smaller lawn tractor. Commercial mowers usually have larger blades and wider decks to make mowing more efficient. By making these larger machines more precise with a zero turn design, high-traffic and high-visibility areas can be kept well-groomed with less effort.

Although commercial zero turn mowers are among the most expensive mowers out there, they cut labor costs dramatically. It takes fewer passes and less struggle to keep the landscaping in great shape, so you no longer need a whole team of men to mow your lawn in a timely fashion. In addition, investing in one quality mower will pay off in the long run, as it should need less servicing and maintenance than a lower-cost or lower-quality machine.

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