Deer Repellent

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When searching for an effective deer repellent, your first priority ought to be choosing one that is safe and humane. As cute and charming as deer can be, they can sometimes do unwanted damage to our yards. They like to eat a lot of the greenery in the garden that we have taken great pains to plant, but that does not mean we should respond by harming them in any way.

Choosing the Right Deer Repellent

One of the most effective and affordable ways to keep deer away from unwanted plants is to use a water-based spray that contains 100% natural essential oils. These sprays are non-toxic, biodegradable, and easy to use. The best ones contain a scent of peppermint that deer find particularly offensive and irritating.

Another effective deer repellent that many homeowners have been using to great effect is sound frequencies. These are frequencies that cannot be heard by humans, but only by animals like deer, cats, and dogs. Animals do not like these high-pitched sounds and will stay away from areas where they are present. Just like smell, an animal's sense of hearing is much more sensitive than a human's.

Whichever deer repellent you decide to use, there are online lawn and garden websites that sell a wide selection of cat repellent products. Choose a site that sells only humane solutions for all of your animal repellent needs. There is no need to harm animals when we can protect our property in harmless, effective ways.

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