Drop Spreaders

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Drop spreaders are ideal for distributing seed in a yard because they maintain such a regular pattern of dispersal. Broadcast spreaders can send seeds up to 12 feet, but drop spreaders literally drop the seeds only in the space between the two wheels. If the space is 20 inches, that is the limit of the distribution of the seeds.

Also known as walk-behind spreaders, these devices are easy to push and easy to operate. Lightweight and convenient, these applicators are best for use on smaller lawns because of their limited range. For large areas, using these spreaders would be unnecessarily time-consuming. For excellent seeding in lawn care equipment, these highly mobile spreaders provide consistent placement of seeds so there will not be gaps or empty areas in the grass.

Drop Spreaders Are Easy to Use

These simple machines usually have fingertip cable control that permits the seed to drop exactly where you want it. Hoppers are corrosion-resistant poly, with such maintenance features as self-lubricating gears and axle bearings. Tires can be poly or other tough material, and the tubular handles are steel.

An interesting and efficient piece of garden equipment is the spike aerator/drop spreader combination. You can aerate and seed or fertilize in one pass. This is one of the larger machines, as it has a drop spread of 32 inches. For areas that get a lot of foot traffic, or that need re-seeding because of tree droppings, these simple drop spreaders can come in handy.

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