Echo Chain Saws

Written by Charles Peacock
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Echo chain saws are one of the most trusted brands on the market. For over 30 years, Echo has been a world leader in the production of durable, powerful outdoor products like pruners, clippers, blowers and saws. Echo currently offers nine different models in its chain saw line. Let's take a look at a few of the more popular ones.

What Echo Chain Saws Offer the Consumer

The CS-301 is the most popular of the top handle Echo chain saws. It features a 30cc two-stroke engine with a Pro-Fire electric ignition. The CS-301 comes with a standard 12 inch long chain bar, but it can be upgraded with 14 or 16 inch bars. The standard bar comes with a tip guard on the end to protect the bar and the chain in case it is dropped.

The CS-341 is the best Echo top handle model. Its design is much like that of the CS-301, but it has some major advantages and is more in tune with the needs of professional arborists. The CS-341 has a large engine size (33cc's) and a larger standard bar (14 inches). It comes with a built-in vibration reduction system and also features an automated oiling system.

For heavy-duty use, a rear handle Echo chain saw is probably your best bet. Echo offers several different read handle saws--the best of which is the CS-8000. Featuring a powerful 80cc engine, the CS-8000 comes standard with a 24 inch cutting bar. This bar can be upgraded to 36 inches for cutting very large trees.

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