Envirocycle Tumbler

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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An envirocycle tumbler can make ready-to-use compost out of garbage in about four to six weeks, if conditions are right. Think of having 400-to-900 pounds of nutritious fertilizer from your recycled kitchen scraps every year! Not only does this process save you money, but you are assured of having fertilizer that is organic and nourishing for your lawn and garden.

Like the best urban compost tumbler, this one mixes as it rolls, thereby allowing all-important oxygen to permeate the material so bacteria can do their work. The lid locks to keep out children and scavenging animals, and to avoid pesky gnats and flies. Turn the drum at least every week so ensure well-aerated compost so it will break down faster.

Envirocycle Tumbler Is Compact

This is the size that is ideal for small spaces: patios, decks, balconies. Of course, the envirocycle tumbler can be placed in the backyard also, but it is meant to allow composting by people who do not have much available space. It holds seven cubic feet of solid material, and the base can store up to five gallons of compost tea.

This tea is the equivalent for plants of vitamin supplements for people. Concentrated and nourishing, this tea is a convenient way to serve nutrients to all plants, shrubs, and trees in your yard. It soaks into the ground, so there are no flakes, pellets, or solid fertilizer to tempt pets and pests. The envirocycle tumbler contains 50% recycled plastic.

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