Fountain Ideas

Written by Patricia Skinner
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Looking for Fountain Ideas?

If you're looking for fountain ideas for a client or for yourself, you need to first decide on a theme for the garden to know where to start. There are endless variations on the fountain theme, and it makes sense to decide what kind of look would suit the garden best so that you can narrow your search down a little. Let's take a look at themes that could influence fountain ideas.

Although Greek classicism has probably influenced garden design the most, lots of other regional influences are easily discernible today. Think of the popular trend for Zen gardens, or French country, or even Chinese Pagoda! All these different regional themes and more besides, favor water features of some kind, and can be a rich source of wonderful fountain ideas.

Regional Fountain Ideas

When looking for fountain ideas, you also need to assess the space available and where the best location for a fountain would be. I recently saw a lovely idea which consisted of a long, slender pool set into the center of an entrance pathway, punctuated by fountains and surrounded by underwater concealed lighting. It was a very effective fountain idea for a stunning entryway.

The architecture of some houses calls for larger, more ornate fountain ideas. Classical design could be set off well with a pair of fountains. Zen fountain design is perhaps the most intriguing though. Rather than great gushes of water, the Zen idea concentrates more on a constant trickle of water that is designed to calm the senses and produce tranquility and spirituality. Zen fountain designs often include the use of curved, smooth shapes and evenly sized pebbles.

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