Garden Irrigation

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Garden irrigation can waste a lot of water, either through overwatering by leaving sprinklers on too long or hand watering too long, or by forgetting that water is even on! Drip and sprayer systems are universally recommended by garden experts because the watering is controlled and precise. Irrigation is directional in that each plant or tree is individually watered.

There are many ways to go with garden irrigation kits, depending on how your yard is arranged, how many flower beds you have, and so on. Complete home irrigation systems might water up to 20 containers, for instance, with each mister reaching a two-foot area. A soaker dripline has a soaker every six inches and will take care of containers with a variety of shapes and sizes.

Adaptable Garden Irrigation

If you are a rose lover and need an outfit to adequately soak your roses, a rose kit has individual emitters on stakes that can be turned up or down to take care of the needs of each rose bush. Their adjustability goes from a slow drip to a two-foot circle of water. Roses love two things--water and sun--and you can give them plenty of the water they love with this kit.

If you are fortunate enough to grow your own vegetables, there is a garden irrigation kit for row crops, or raised beds, or intensive square-foot beds. High-flow T-tape emitters are spaced every eight inches. Add-ons are available for many kits, and these are very useful in adapting basic lawn irrigation systems to your particular yard.

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