Green House Nurseries

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Green house nurseries come in the larger, backyard greenhouses that are portable and collapsible, and in the mini green house nurseries that are perfect for small yards, balconies, decks, or patios. These compact lawn and garden structures are actually a clever combination of a greenhouse, cold frame, and raised-bed garden. If you have limited space, these models come in 2 x 4 feet, 3 x 6 feet, and 4 x 8 feet.

Lightweight and versatile, these mini green house nurseries will work with a variety of nettings and coverings that are UV resistant and protect your tender plants from deer and other animals. If you wish, you can add heating systems, irrigation systems, or other accessories to create a self-contained, safe world for seedlings. Because of the varying sizes and the portability of these units, you can set them up almost anywhere.

Versatile Green House Nurseries

These minis use solar heat just as a cold frame does, but their height allows plants room to grow before they are transplanted. If the seasons change, or there is a change in temperature, the frame can accommodate different coverings. Like any greenhouse, these minis extend the growing period in any region, even a region with a mild climate.

Raised-bed gardening has many advantages, and these minis incorporate this popular approach to poor soil or limited space. Because the soil level is raised above the ground, drainage and aeration are improved. The higher level also makes working the ground easier because there is less stooping and kneeling. Finally, because of the enclosed space, plants are not only protected from weather, but also from pests and animals.

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