High Performance Lawn Mowers

Written by Jared Vincenti
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While there are many high quality home lawn mowers on the market, the most durable and efficient mowers are going to be commercial mowers. Materials should be robust, such as long-lasting steel. Usually larger than home models, commercial mowers are made for places that need to mow large areas in a short time. Commercial mowers are going to be subject to more routine and strenuous wear and tear than home mowers, and are designed with this in mind.

Why Commercial Mowers

Commercial mowers are going to be mowing more often and mowing longer than home mowers, and thus need to be built to stand up to regular use. This is not to say that they can take neglect better than other mowers. Proper maintenance is still essential to keeping a high performance mower in optimum shape.

First, mowers must be washed out after mowings. Clippings can accumulate inside the machinery of the mower deck and corrode the parts. A simple rinse with a strong hose will clear these away, ensuring longer life for the mower. Sharpening the blades regularly will also help with this aspect of maintenance.

In addition, mowers must be prepared for the winter. In areas without winter, any period of inactivity should prompt the same protective steps. The most important thing to do is to drain the engine of gasoline, as old gas will foul your engine when you go to start it in the spring. In addition, you want to replace your oil at least once a season.

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