Lawn Aerators

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Lawn aerators perform an invaluable service to your lawn, which would die without sufficient aeration. Ground that is so compacted it shuts out air and water will not grow much of anything except weeds. Adequate air and water are vital to the roots of any plants, but some plants absolutely have to have good drainage to thrive.

When you buy nursery plants, the care instructions will often have "good drainage" listed. When drainage is poor, it means the soil has become so impenetrable that nutrients, air, and water cannot reach the roots of the plant. Aside from importing a ton of earthworms, lawn aerators provide an easy, quick fix for compacted ground.

Lawn Aerators Loosen Soil

Good lawn and garden care includes loosening the soil all around the yard, but especially around flowering plants. These annuals are especially susceptible to stunted growth if they cannot have proper care. Digging with trowels will do the job here, but lawn aerators are needed to efficiently break up large, grassy areas that have lost their ability to absorb nutrients.

There are coring, plug, and spike aerators, and they all loosen various kinds of soil. The first two are best for easily-compacted ground, such as clay; spike aerators do the job for black dirt and loamy conditions. Coring and plug machines remove 3/4-inch plugs from the ground at a depth of up to three inches. Their core points are heat treated for hardness so they remain functional for long use.

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