Lawn And Garden

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Lawn and garden tasks are among the most pleasant for homeowners who, perhaps, have toiled all week long inside an office under fluorescent lights. For these weekend gardeners, and for those who are fortunate enough to be retired, gardening is a chance to be outdoors in good weather without even leaving home. Planting annuals that bring bursts of summer color to the yard, or cleaning yard debris so the grass looks good and stays healthy--these chores take time, but are made a whole lot easier by garden equipment designed to do a particular job. When it's time to relax, the warmth of cedar lawn furniture lets you settle into a comfy chair to enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of your yard.

The Natural Way for Lawn and Garden Care

You can turn your backyard into a showcase for economical, natural lawn and garden care with products designed to recycle, save water, nurture plants, and repel insects and animals. Kitchen scraps may be garbage, but the nutrients in food--fruit, vegetables--can be recycled in composters to feed your plants. Self-contained, fully-enclosed composters let you produce your own fertilizer without attracting flies and animals. Just turn the drums a few times each week, and soon you have your own supply of solid and liquid nourishment for your garden plants.

Portable and collapsible greenhouses let you grow seedlings, start plants from seeds, or protect fragile plants such as orchids from the harsh weather of winter. Get a jump on the growing season, or extend the growing season in regions where the warm months are few. Mini greenhouses let gardeners with little space use balconies or decks to have their own nursery. Natural insect and deer repellents let you rid your garden of pests without chemicals.

Drip water systems are universally recommended for lawn and garden irrigation. They are versatile and adaptable to any size and kind of plantings--rows, curved flower beds, trees, and combination areas. You can water individual plants or evenly water an entire vegetable garden. These efficient systems conserve time and water, and save money on water bills.

The Right Equipment for Lawn and Garden Tasks

Gardening and yard work are major activities for homeowners who want to keep their lawn and garden areas healthy and looking good. A few beautiful potted plants on an apartment balcony hardly require serious yard equipment, but any lawn and garden area around homes needs tending. Garden carts of all sizes and shapes--one-wheel, two-wheel--are tremendous companions, hauling loads of trimmings or bags of cement that people cannot carry.

Sweepers are invaluable for those with large expanses of lawn, for they do the job of cleaning up without your having to do the raking, bending, and hauling. Spreaders broadcast seeds and fertilizer, and save you from having to do it manually. Tine dethatchers revive your lawn by carefully lifting compacted layers of grass to the surface. Aerators enable essential air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of grass and plants.

Great Furnishings for All Ages to Enjoy

Finally, when all is done, and the lawn looks a healthy green, and the flowering plants are covered with red and gold and purple blooms, it is time to enjoy the results of your work. Maybe a family barbecue is being prepared, with friends invited to smell the wonderful aroma and eat a delicious meal. Cedar lawn furniture brings the glow of warm wood to your lawn and garden, with chairs, benches, tables, and arbors to grace your yard.

Children and grandchildren can enjoy their own smaller copies of adult furniture, with hardwood tables and chairs, and laminated play tables. Perhaps rocking horses can entertain the younger children while the grownups get the meal ready. Better yet, why not let the children set up their own lemonade stand, with its bright colors, to serve the ice-cold lemonade to accompany the barbecue on a warm summer day?

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