Written by Charles Peacock
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The history of Lawn-Boy lawn mowers dates back to 1904. In this year, a man named Ole Evinrude started the Evinrude Motors Company in his Wisconsin hometown. Evinrude was bought and sold several times, but the company remained a leader in developing small, quiet gas-powered engines for all different purposes. These engines would eventually make their way into Lawn-Boy brand lawnmowers.

The History of Lawn-Boy Lawn mowers

The first Evinrude Lawn-Boy mowers were built in 1936 by the Outboard Marine and Manufacturing Company. These mowers proved popular, and were built for several years until the start of World War Two. During the war (from 1939 to 1945), OMMC discontinued lawn mower production, and focused their efforts on building small outboard engines for military use.

By the 1950s, OMMC was again building mowers with the Lawn-Boy brand name. In the mid-'50s, they started developing rotary mowers that become extremely popular. These mowers were sold through Sears and Roebuck and Spiegel catalogs for many years.

From the late '50s to the present day, Lawn-Boy has been known for its advancements in lawn mower technology. It was the first company the first to produce quiet, insulated mowers, and also introduced two-cycle engines in the 1970s. These engines offered large increases in power, making grass cutting easier and faster. Lawn-Boy mowers are currently produced by the Toro Company, which has kept the old brand name because of its reputation for quality and innovation.

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