Lawn Care Equipment

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Lawn care equipment is specialized to perform specific functions that are intended to keep a lawn green, healthy, and free of clutter. Drop spreaders easily re-seed areas where the grass has been trampled by lots of traffic, or where tree debris has prevented grass from growing. To pick up such debris--leaves, flowers, berries--lawn sweepers just take one pass to do the job.

Given time, grass grows to such an extent that matted layers lie just beneath the surface. The surface continues to be raised by these layers until the level of the green grass is inches above sprinkler heads. Basically, all the inches below the surface consist of dead grass; tine dethatchers do an excellent and gentle job of bringing this dead matter to the surface so the lawn can regain its health.

Lawn Care Equipment Prevents Problems

Most lawn care equipment is intended to maintain a good-looking, deep-green lawn. One of the most important of these devices are the lawn aerators, which remove or dig up pieces of the soil in order to allow critical air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of grass. Compacted ground will not permit anything but weeds to thrive, and aerators maintain healthy soil so grass can be healthy.

Other lawn care equipment includes lawn sprayers, which serve several purposes--dispensing liquid fertilizer, and applying insecticides and herbicides to plants and grass to prevent infestations of pests. Tow-behinds, trailer sprayers, and spot sprayers all have tanks that store sufficient gallons of liquid to cover large areas without refilling. With efficiency and safety uppermost, these sprayers protect and feed a lawn to keep it beautiful for the enjoyment of homeowners.

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