Lawn Care Equipment

Written by Jared Vincenti
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When doing any landscaping, you want to make sure you have the machinery on hand to keep your lawn looking as nice as possible. Thankfully, home lawn care equipment has fallen in price over the past few decades, and now just about everyone can afford to keep up on their landscaping. While there are many options out there, you can do just about everything with a few essentials.

Picking Landscape Equipment

The most essential item to get is a lawn mower. Don't be shy about splurging on a mower, because the better models cut quicker and last longer--in short, a good mower is worth its price. Shaggy grass can ruin an otherwise gorgeous lawn, and many varieties of grass actually thrive on regular trimmings. Furthermore, the clippings taken from the cut grass can be used to make mulch or compost, which is a great fertilizer all over the lawn.

To complement your lawn mower, you can also get a weed trimmer. This is a long-handled device that spins a piece of twine, and lets you cut grass in areas that your mower does not reach, like up against the house. In addition, a weed trimmer is helpful to keep grass neat under trees with low-hanging branches.

Finally, a spreader is a small investment with a large payoff. A spreader distributes grass seed or fertilizer in an even range in front of it, ensuring that your lawn keeps its uniform look. This way, you don't get the streaks or patches that can be seen when lawn amendments are added by hand.

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