Lawn Mower Dealers

Written by Jared Vincenti
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While you can get a lawn mower at just about any large lawn and garden retailer around, you may find it's worth the hunt to find a better mower. There are many high-quality mowers that are not produced for mass sale, and instead are sold only at authorized dealers. These dealers tend to be more specialized tractor and mower dealers, rather than all-purpose lawn and garden shops, and are often privately owned.

How to Find a Dealer

The Internet is your best bet when searching for a new lawn mower. Companies keep all the technical specifications for their models online, and you can compare different mowers in the comfort of your own time. When looking on a sales floor, you often don't have the time or information to make the best-informed decision. You have to rely simply on whatever information the sales person supplies you with.

Once you have used the Internet to decide which make and model you want to buy, just search the company's website for authorized dealers. You should be able to find one within driving distance of your home or business. From there, you can just drive to the dealer and test drive a new mower.

If there is not an authorized dealer nearby, sometimes you can even order directly from the factory. In this case, you don't get the advantage of testing out the mower in person. However, you can often rack up substantial savings by skipping the middleman or dealer. Be sure that you're getting a reliable mower, though, because if you order directly, you don't have your dealer's mechanic available for regular service, and may have to hire a private repair company.

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