Lawn Mower Help

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Many people who fix their own cars have no qualms about calling a professional for lawn mower repairs. Mowers rarely reach the speeds that automobiles do, but the mower deck is a complicated assembly of parts. If the belts or blades are unbalanced, the mower will not mow properly--and a mangled lawn looks little better than an unmowed one.

Where to Look for Help

The best thing to do is to keep the owner's manual that comes with your mower. Many problems that you have with the machine will be easy to fix, and not involve any of the more elaborate parts. Replacing spark plugs, checking the battery, and many other minor repairs can be done at home with proper instruction. If the company you bought from has a website with a user forum, you may be able to hear what other users have done to fix the same problems you are experiencing.

For more complicated repairs, especially involving the mower deck, you should have your repairs done by a professional. Check with the dealer who sold you the mower, as these are often the most knowledgeable and reliable places to have services performed. In addition, your mower may be under warranty, which can help you save money on service from the dealer.

If you cannot get to your dealer, you can find a private mower mechanic. This is usually someone who specializes in lawn equipment repairs, and not a regular mechanic. Engine repairs can be done by most mechanics, but the mower deck needs to be handled by a professional who will make sure everything gets put back properly.

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