Lawn Mower Parts

Written by Charles Peacock
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Lawn mower parts are an unfortunate necessity for those of us who use our lawn mowers regularly. Even if you have the best, sturdiest machine, after a few years of use something will probably go wrong. Maybe you broke off the clutch handle; maybe you've just worn down your blade and need to replace it. In either case, there are lawn mower parts out there that will meet your needs.

Finding the right lawn mower parts can be a bit tricky, especially if you don't have easy access to a parts catalog for your specific model. Luckily, most parts warehouses have the knowledge, the parts lists and the parts to get your machine running again. Even if they don't have a particular part in stock they can usually order it for you and have it in a matter of days.

Lawn Mower Parts Online

If you were buying automotive or lawn mower parts a few years ago, the process of finding the right part was usually quite complex. Most dealerships and parts warehouses would have to look up parts numbers using microfilm parts catalogs, and the process was pretty time consuming. Unfortunately, a lot of parts dealers still work on this system.

The best lawn mower parts dealers have switched their catalogs to computer databases. This allows for accessing parts information (and even pictures) in only a matter of seconds. If you're not exactly sure which part you need, this can save a lot of time when compared to having to load and scan through dozens of microfilm rolls.

The easiest way to buy lawn mower parts these days is to find a parts dealer who has their entire parts catalog online. This way you can look through the catalog yourself, make a list of what you need and place your order--all without leaving your home. If you have questions about a particular part or model, they'll usually have phone support available to answer your questions.

Types of Lawn Mower Parts

There are two main reasons for needing replacement lawn mower parts: damage and wear. Damage refers to when you've broken something on your mower and you need to replace the part to get the machine working again. Wear refers to situations when your mower is working but not performing very well, usually due to a worn part.

Damaged mowers usually lead to emergency situations where you need to fix the machine quickly. If you've ever had a lawn mower break when you've only cut half of the lawn, you know how annoying and embarrassing that situation can be. Damaged mower situations usually require expedited replacement parts orders, which any good parts warehouse will be able to handle.

If you're looking for lawn mower parts to replace worn parts, your situation probably is not as critical. Still, it's important to replace things like blades and cables before their performance degrades too far. Allowing replaceable parts to wear down too far can even be dangerous--dull blades, for instance, are more likely to catch on something and break.

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