Lawn Sprayers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Lawn sprayers are designed to facilitate covering large areas with applications of liquid. Often this is fertilizer, but these sprayers are equally useful for spot weed control, or insecticide spraying for spiders, ants, or insects. Sprayers meant for coverage come with 15- or 25-gallon tanks, as opposed to the backpack sprayer types that hold three- to five-and-a-half gallons.

Because these are tow-behind models, they can afford the larger capacity so the tank does not have to be refilled often. Output is one of the strengths of this lawn care equipment--up to 35 psi and one gallon per minute. A half-inch, universal pin-type hitch lets you hook up this sprayer to your lawn tractor or ATV; connect the wiring to the vehicle, and the sprayer is operable.

Lawn Sprayers Are Safe

Any time poisonous materials are being used, safety is paramount. Lawn sprayers have lengthy handgun hoses that permit precise, close application of herbicides and insecticides to avoid breezes from spreading the substances away from the target site. The design of the rig also enables it to be turned on and off instantly for spot applications.

A 12-volt, four-amp pump ensures strong output; an axle of half-inch steel and semi-pneumatic tires that are 14 x 1.75 inches add to the durability of this tow-behind. Long-lasting lawn sprayers are manufactured for years of use, and are designed with the harsh effects of weather and year-round wear-and-tear in mind. These are examples of having the right equipment to do the right job, which makes the gardener's work go quickly.

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