Lawn Sweepers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Lawn sweepers are marvelous helpmates for gardeners who may find it difficult to do a lot of hand sweeping or raking, or who have a large yard area to keep clear. Leaves, trimmings, and fallen flowers/pods/berries from shrubs and trees--these can be a nuisance to deal with frequently. Lawn sweepers take care of the job easily on the first pass, so they save effort and time for those who also must go to work and participate in family activities.

Lawn care equipment, such as sweepers, make the tedious job of cleaning grassy areas a breeze. Raking, bending over to take leaves from the pile to put into a container, and hauling the filled containers, is too much work. Sweepers do the job efficiently, with lightweight models that go easy on the user so there is energy left over for other things.

Lawn Sweepers Have Large Capacity

Agri-Fab manufactures large-capacity sweepers that only need to go over a swath of lawn one time to clean up any debris. A poly-built sweeper is lightweight and ideal for people who cannot push much weight. Its hopper capacity is seven cubic feet, and it has infinite height adjustment to deal with various brush heights.

Heavy duty lawn sweepers have a brush diameter of four-10 feet and a hopper capacity of 12 cubic feet. These machines also can clear a 42-inch-wide path through cluttered lawns. Where manual clearing is hard, or physical capabilities are limited, these sweepers do the job quickly and cleanly in order to keep your yard looking nice.

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