Meyer Zoysia Grass Seed

Written by Staff Writer
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Meyer Zoysia grass seed is one of the most popular Zoysia seeds available. Meyer Zoysia has a beautiful, deep green color that looks beautiful when used on golf courses and other landscaping projects. It is fast spreading and works great for most gardening projects.

Meyer Zoysia Grass Seed is Versatile

Like most Zoysia grasses, Meyer Zoysia does very well in full sun. It does not tolerate shade well, so is ideal for use in warmer climates where the sun shines almost year-round. If you are looking for a Zoysia that tolerates shade, try El Toro Zoysia, which tolerates moderate shade.

While Meyer Zoysia grass seed may not grow well in shade, it does do very well in cold climates. In fact, it is the most cold tolerant of all the Zoysia grasses. It has a medium texture that is very durable and ideal for heavily trafficked areas.

No matter what your Zoysia grass seed needs, there are online lawn and garden shops that sell a good selection of this beautiful and versatile grass. Buying your grass seed online allows you to compare seed characteristics from the comfort of your own home. Making the right seed choices is much easier when you can do it at your own leisure.

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