Mower Deck Attachments

Written by Jared Vincenti
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The basic principle inside a mower deck is that a system of pulleys and belts spin, and in turn spin the blades beneath the mower. This is how the energy generated by the engine is converted to the mechanical energy that spins the mower blades and mows your lawn. While the inner workings of a mower deck are relatively uniform in concept, there are several attachments for mower decks that can improve upon a basic deck.

Additions to Your Mower Deck

There are a few basic additions to a mower deck that can make it more useful, or maybe just makes it easier to use. For example, a grass collector attaches to the output on your mower deck, and collects your clippings in a large bag. Rather than having to mow and then rake, you can clean up as you work, making your yardwork much more efficient.

Another accessory is a mulching deck attachment takes the grass cuttings and runs them through a series of several more blades. This process shreds the grass cuttings into a very fine organic matter, and produces a mulch that is a very fertile amendment for poor soils. In addition, it spares you the trouble of disposing of your grass cuttings via city waste disposal or other means.

Mower decks can also have safety attachments installed. Some models can have a safety release lever that shuts the mower off if you release it. This way, if you should fall off the mower or encounter an emergency, you can immediately stop the blades from spinning. By having this control over your mower blades, you make the machine much safer for you and those around you.

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