Mower Deck Parts

Written by Jared Vincenti
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The deck of the lawn mower is the part that covers the blades and protects you from them. It is also the most complicated part of the mower, containing the machinery that turns the blades and actually trims your grass. There are many parts of a mower deck, and there a number of things that can go wrong under a mower.

The best way to avoid needing service to your mower deck is to be sure to wash it out after every mowing. Grass clippings can get stuck in the many belts, pulleys, and guide wheels that keep the blades spinning. Proper maintenance can do wonders to prevent costly repairs to your deck, and keeping the parts moving freely is the most important thing to do.

The Components of a Mower Deck

The outside of a mower deck is a very simple device by necessity. Its primary function is to work as a shield, and it is usually just a durable piece of metal worked into a broad basin shape, with an outlet open on one side of the mower. Underneath is a complicated assembly of mechanical parts that serve to make the blades spin.

The engine of the mower produces power, and then the machinery in the mower deck turns that raw power into the rotation of the blades. Held together by various nuts and bolts, the essential parts of the deck are a basic pulley system. Spinning belts are powered by the engine, and work a system of guide wheels and pulleys to make the mower blades turn and cut your grass.

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