Native Grass Seed

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More and more environmentally conscious people are planting native grass seed in their landscaping projects. These grasses are important for the ecological balance of many ecosystems. They are easy to care for and attract wildlife and birds.

Native Grass Seed Is Good for the Environment

Native grass seed is a good option for reseeding after a fire or for erosion control. Native grass is also a popular choice for use in pastures. It does not have to be mowed often and can be mixed with other grass seeds.

Native grass grows slowly and can take up to two years to establish itself. However, the wait is often worth it for the positive effect it has upon the wildlife and local ecosystem. The beauty of many of these grasses is also an incentive to be patient while they grow.

There are online lawn and garden sites that sell a good selection of native grass seed. Adding native grass to your landscaping projects is a great way to contribute something positive to the environment, but not just any native grass will work in every environment. Finding the perfect one for your yard and miniature ecosystem will pay off in the long run. Take your time to browse your options online until you feel you have made the right decision.

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