Natural Insect Repellents

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Natural insect repellents are designed to protect your plants and flower gardens without harming the environment. By eliminating the bugs that chew on flowers and eat holes in leaves, natural insect repellents are part of an arsenal of lawn and garden care products. Your flowering plants and shrubs will bloom longer and look lovelier because of the all-natural ingredients in this plant solution.

Of course, plants need watering, and it would be wasteful to spray the solution on the plants only to have it washed away. This product will not wash off, however, so one application will outlast the necessary watering of your garden. Keep your plants and gardens healthy and looking as they were meant to look without the lacy edges and holes that insects make.

Natural Insect Repellents Contain No Chemicals

This is an economical product, as a one-gallon container covers 40,000 square feet; a one-gallon container of the ready-to-use solution covers 4,000 square feet. Many people, and, of course, pets, are allergic to chemicals and can suffer severe reactions to them. Natural insect repellents and animal repellents do not contain chemicals; they rely on safe methods and solutions to repel creatures. An all-natural mosquito repellent is a must for the warm months.

Insect repellents also do not contain animal wastes, which can contaminate vegetables and ground water, and can have an offensive smell. Some fertilizers or fertilizers that are sprayed on leaves can burn plants and even kill them. These natural products, however, will not burn or discolor plants.

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