Pedal Car Planes

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Pedal car planes made you think you were flying! With the propeller spinning fast, and your legs pumping like mad, you thought surely, you would take off any second! The days of classic steel pedal cars and childrens wagons were days of outdoor play and imagination given free rein.

Warm days and pedal car planes beckoned to come out and play with friends and your faithful dog, racing along the sidewalks to escape the enemy. If you pedaled fast enough before the end of the runway, your red Sky King plane would lift you up into the skies! No one could reach you in the clouds, except maybe your friend in the Red Baron bi-plane.

Pedal Car Planes Are Still Exciting

Despite mechanized and battery-operated toys, children will always have fabulous fantasy lives, if given half a chance. What better combination of exercise and creativity than pedal car planes that whisk you into the stratosphere? A Navy Corsair, first made in 1941, is an exciting model whose propeller turns when you pedal the car.

The shark attack pedal car plane resembles the Spitfire fighters of World War II, with its sharp painted teeth and ferocious expression. The Silver Pursuit is a modern-looking design, made of steel, as are the other models. Made for children from about two-10 years of age, these planes are ready to fly! All were originally produced in 1941, and are just as much fun today as they were then.

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