Pedal Cars

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Pedal cars are part of nostalgic memories for many older Americans. Raised on classic steel pedal cars and childrens wagons--non-mechanized toys--boys and girls let their imagination do what their manually-operated playthings could not do in reality. What was your favorite model when you were a kid? Did you sound your siren when racing to the rescue in your bright red firetruck?

Maybe you preferred the dark blue police car that you used to clear the streets on your way to an emergency. Hot rodders were big, and lots of kids chose a souped-up pedal version to race in. Another classic was the jalopy, a tough-looking car that was no-nonsense. To complete a certain story line, there was also a tow truck, to help out friends whose jalopies had broken down.

Classic Pedal Cars

These reminders of great outdoor play times in childhood are great gifts from grandparents to their grandchildren who are raised in an era of battery-operated toys and video games. Creative play was necessary when cars only had pedals to make them go, but how much more fun it was to imagine your car planes lifting off into the wild blue yonder! How thrilling to pedal so fast you couldn't go any faster on your way to a crisis somewhere!

Surely, you always had your eye on some cool pedal cars like the Pink Champion. This was a doozy, with its full-sized chassis and its adjustable pedals. With its real rubber tires and custom packaging, you could imagine you were cruisin' with the most stylish cars in town.

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