Poulan Chain Saw Parts

Written by Charles Peacock
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Poulan chain saw parts are intended for use with Poulan's line of popular chain saws. Poulan offers dozens of different chain saw models, most of them gas powered. Four of Poulan's models are electric-powered. Many Poulan chain saw parts will work with both the gas and electric models.

Finding Poulan Chain Saw Parts

One of the most common Poulan chain saw parts on the market is the replacement chain or blade. People who use their chain saw a lot know that chains don't last forever, and that need to be replaced quite frequently to keep the machine running at top form. Replacing your chain isn't too difficult, however--you can choose between genuine Poulan chains or the many aftermarket brands out there.

If your chain saw isn't starting up easily, you could have a problem with your gas engine. The best thing to do is to try some simple solutions before you hand the saw over to a mechanic. Clean or replace your spark plugs, and see if the machine starts up more easily. If it doesn't work, check your air and fuel filters.

Because chain saws are usually operating in very dusty conditions (they are, after all, constantly generating dust), they tend to get clogged rather easily. The best chain saws will have complex filters that keep dust out of the fuel and the engine, but even these are not impenetrable. In the event that your machine has been clogged with dust, it might be necessary to do some serious maintenance on it.

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