Poulan Parts

Written by Charles Peacock
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Poulan parts are available to fix any Poulan machinery you might be using. If you need Poulan parts for your tractor, tiller, snow thrower or chainsaw, all you have to do is get in touch with a Poulan dealer parts department. There are also many parts dealers online who carry parts for the full range of Poulan models.

Using Poulan Parts for Your Poulan Machines

A lot of machine parts need to be replaced after normal amounts of wear and tear. If you own a Poulan chain saw, for instance, you might be looking for Poulan parts because you need to replace the chain itself. Many chainsaw chains are actually standard size, which means they can be interchanged and you can use generic brands.

While generic brands are often cheaper, Poulan (like most other manufacturers) recommends only using genuine Poulan parts. There is actually a reason for this: machinery these days is very sophisticated, and slight differences in part size or stiffness can cause problems with your machine. In addition, using generic parts to fix your machine may actually void your product warranty.

Most Poulan parts dealers carry the full range of parts for every single Poulan model. They have everything down to the tiniest washers and screws, so if you wanted to you could actually build yourself a Poulan tractor from scratch. Parts can be pricey, however, so it's probably a better idea to stick to pre-fabricated models.

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