Power Lawn Mowers

Written by Jared Vincenti
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The motor on a lawn mower not only determines the speed of the mower, but also the power behind the blades. Engines with higher horsepower tend to transmit more power to the blades, which makes them spin faster. By doing this, the mower can mow faster, since it will cut more quickly as it passes. Thus, you get even cutting at higher speeds.

The Most Powerful Mowers

The mowers with the most power are going to be commercial mowers. These tend to have more blades, wider bases, and most importantly, stronger engines. Commercial lawn mowers are built to make the mowing of large areas faster, so their engines have more horsepower. More horsepower translates to faster driving speeds and faster blades, which adds up to a much faster mow.

Often, you can get a very powerful home mower simply by finding one with a higher horsepower engine. Most home mowers have engines of about 14 horsepower, but you can get a home mower with a stronger engine. This may require some customization, but this is not a major obstacle when shopping.

More horsepower on a small mower will usually make a faster mower, but may wear out the blades and belts faster. The force of the engine puts stress on the machinery of the mower deck, and you may have to replace parts more frequently. Also, faster spinning blades will wear more quickly, and may need to be sharpened on a more regular basis.

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