Red Clover Seed

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There are a few different kinds of red clover seed from which to choose. The one you choose will depend on your landscaping project and your individual needs. Some people use red clover as a decorative element in their gardens while others use it for more utilitarian purposes.

Red Clover Seed Used in Pastures

Red clover seed is often used in pastures for feeding of animals. It is a good choice for pastures because it mixes well with grass and can be used to make hay. Animals love to graze on red clover mixtures mixed with grass.

Red clover seed is a perennial that can be planted from late spring until early fall. It is best pollinated by bumble bees and flourishes when these buzzing critters do their thing. With the right environment, this clover can really flourish.

No matter what your clover needs, the best supplier sites will have something for everyone. Red clover is a versatile plant that will add beauty to your landscape or give your animals plenty of happy grazing. Keep your eye out for a site that offers a good customer satisfaction policy. This ensures that you are taken care of should anything go wrong with your order.

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