Rocking Horses

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Rocking horses, childrens wagons, and classic steel pedal cars are among the favorite childhood toys of Americans of a certain age. Every kid had to have a special wagon to carry the family dog, or coloring supplies, or snacks for friends. Wagons for decades have come in various sizes and designs so children of all ages can find one that is just right.

Pedal car planes took kids into the clouds; pedal fire trucks or police cars screamed past traffic to help deal with emergencies. Rocking horses are still an age-old favorite that let children's imaginations fill in an exciting story, whether it's riding to the store for snacks, or trotting off into the sunset. From Big Mama to Clydesdale rockers, these traditional playthings encourage creativity in an age when computers and television have co-opted a great deal of childhood.

Lots of Rocking Horses

How many kids over the years have pretended they are galloping across the prairie to rescue a friend? Rocking so hard they almost tipped over, many boys and girls have ridden a wild bronco until it settled down. For little children, rocking horses are an active, first toy--a precursor to tricycles and pedal cars.

There is a horse made for tots up to about 18 months old that is stable and sturdy. Most rockers are suitable for children up to four or five years of age. Rockers are made for different animals also. A giraffe and a duck make for two exciting rides. For those with a modern bent, there is a streamlined horse with bright colors and spots.

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