Simplicity Garden Tractors

Written by Charles Peacock
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Simplicity garden tractors are part of Simplicity's line of lawn mowing equipment. They do more than cut grass, however--Simplicity garden tractors are also designed to throw and move snow, to perform earth-tilling tasks and to move large amounts of dirt around during landscaping projects. Simplicity garden tractors are a separate line from their normal tractors, intended for heavier loads and larger lawns.

All about Simplicity Garden Tractors

Simplicity garden tractors are the highest horsepower tractors in the Simplicity line. They featured two-cylinder engines that produce anywhere from 16 to 27 horsepower. This type of power is necessary if you intend on using any of the optional attachments that are intended to work with these tractors.

Certain Simplicity garden tractors actually feature the ability to switch between two and four wheel drive. This can help a great deal with traction on wet lawns, on hills and in muddy situations. If you are you towing or pushing a heavy load of material, four wheel drive will also help you get the job done without spinning the wheels.

One of the best things about these Simplicity tractors is their ability to support some pretty heavy-duty attachments. Simplicity offers tillers, plows, earth movers and other attachments that expand your machine's capabilities. These attachments can be hooked to the front or back of the machine, and operated with the machine's own controls.

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