Single Wheel Wheelbarrows

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Single wheel wheelbarrows have been a staple workhorse for yard and garden work for eons. Hefting loads that people cannot carry, these garden utility carts haul heavy bags of fertilizer, cement, or feed for barnyard animals and horses. Easy to maneuver over rocks or rough terrain because of having only one wheel, wheelbarrows can go anywhere a person has the muscle to push it.

Single wheel wheelbarrows do require balancing, however, and heavy loads may be too much for some gardeners to manage. Once the cart starts to tip over, not all users will be able to right it and keep the load inside the cart. For these gardeners, there are plenty of different kinds of garden carts, including double wheel wheelbarrows.

Variety of Single Wheel Wheelbarrows

For a unique and rustic cart, the single-wheel workhorse is made of slats of North American hardwood, perfect for the farm or stables. The steel undercarriage and ground supports are the heaviest in the wheelbarrow class. It has 64-inch handles with handle grips, and standard 4.80-8, 2-ply, ribbed tires.

Six and eight-cubic feet, single wheel wheelbarrows are usual, but wheelbarrows as large as 10 cubic feet are available. Most have cold-rolled steel undercarriages and 60- or 64-inch hardwood handles, depending on the cart size. These tough carts have pneumatic tires and a UV-treated pan that protects it from weather and rough use.

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