Soil Ph Tester

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A soil pH tester is important in order to ensure that your soil is in ideal condition for being planted. If it is not, your seeds will not flourish like they should. It will save you a lot of headaches in the long run if you test your soil before planting.

Why Use a Soil pH Tester?

When you test the pH of your soil, you will find out if it is either too acidic or too alkaline. If the soil is too acidic, it is not able to utilize the nutrients in the soil properly. Plants end up absorbing toxic metals from the soil and their health suffers.

If you use a soil pH tester and it turns out the soil is too alkaline, it means the plants will have a difficult time absorbing phosphorous, iron, and manganese. All of these are essential to healthy plant growth. Using a soil pH tester will tell you whether your soil is pH balanced.

There are online lawn and garden shops that sell a good selection of these soil pH testers. IThere is no doubt that you will find many other great products and tools for your garden while searching for a pH tester. By saving so much time, I can use the extra time to work on my garden, and who doesn't love a little extra garden time?

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