Toro Lawn Mowers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Toro lawn mowers are part of an extensive line of high-quality landscaping equipment produced by the Toro Company. Toro lawn mowers are made in dozens of models and styles. They have customized models for homeowners, professional landscapers, golf course greens keepers and sports field greens keepers.

Varieties of Toro Lawn Mowers

For the homeowner, Toro lawn mowers are available in two main categories: push mowers and riding mowers. Their mowers are all very easy to use--even the "push" mowers actually have a built-in drive system that drives the mower forward automatically. Several Toro riding mowers come in models with bags for collecting clippings, while other models have a recycling system that processes clippings and uses them to fertilize your grass.

For golf courses, Toro has a whole line of mowers customized for the particular needs of professional greens keepers. They have different mowers for use on fairways, greens and in rough areas. Toro recognizes that sensitive grasses require special types of cutting equipment, and their mowers are designed to work on the best golf courses.

For professional landscapers, Toro offers several riding mowers designed for fast and easy operation. Their line of "zero turn" riders is designed for extreme maneuverability, which is incredibly useful when cutting large areas of grass with landscaped features like bushes and trees. Toro also has a variety of large walk-behind mowers that are intended for landscaping jobs.

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