Toro Snow Blowers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Toro snow blowers are a great solution for anyone who has to battle the nasty and sometimes surprisingly prodigious output of our old friend Jack Frost. Toro snow blowers come in several different models that can be used for anything from a light dusting to heavy-duty snow blowing. Some models are intended for home use, while others are built for professional use.

Varieties of Toro Snow Blowers

The base Toro snow blower model is actually powered by electricity rather than a gas engine. While this means it is not powerful enough to handle heavy snowfalls, it can be quite an efficient way to deal with light snowfalls. It is substantially lighter and smaller than the more heavy-duty models, so if the snowfall in your area isn't usually too substantial, this might be a good option.

The next stage up in Toro snow blowers is represented by the "single stage" models. Single stage snow blowers lift and shoot the snow out using a single motion, and are powered by a medium-sized gas engine. This single stage design allows them to remove snow very quickly, but it also limits how much snow they can process and how quickly they can process it.

For very heavy snow removal needs (more than six inches at a time), two stage snow blowers are a better option. Two stage blowers have two different processes and motors: one to lift the snow, and another to shoot it out. This distribution of power allows the machine to process a much heavier load of snow. The biggest Toro model can actually handle 2,200 pounds of snow per minute!

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