Tow Behind Lawn Sweepers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Tow behind lawn sweepers make short work of picking up debris of all kinds from sizable grass areas. They hook up quickly to your ATV, tractor, or golf cart, and sweep a large area clean on the first pass. If your lawn area is too much to tackle by hand--with all the labor involved in using a rake and containers for the debris--then consider tow behind lawn sweepers.

These convenient yard cleaners keep a yard looking beautiful, and they also protect the grass underneath trees from being killed off by layers of leaves and fallen flowers. Certain trees are notorious for preventing the survival of any kind of grass and flowering plants because the trees drop so much debris. Bare ground is not attractive, and if the tree area is kept clear of fallen matter, chances are greater that grass, at least, will grow right up to the tree trunk.

Tow Behind Lawn Sweepers Do Big Jobs

Good lawn and garden care does take work and lots of time. The work does not have to be backbreaking, however, and lawn sweepers help to cut down on the amount of raking, stooping, and kneeling that is involved in gardening. In order to do the job right, tow behind lawn sweepers come in different sizes to suit varying lawn areas.

A 30-inch sweeper has a hopper capacity of nine cubic feet and cleans 30 inches per sweep. A 38-inch sweeper clears a 38-inch path, and has a hopper capacity of 12 cubic feet. If you need heavy duty machinery for large areas, look at the 42-inch sweeper with a 12-cubic-foot hopper and infinite height adjustment to accommodate various brush levels.

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